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"Southeast Wildlife went above and beyond to make sure my wildlife issue was resolved. They put me at ease, were always responsive, and extremely professional."
-Pat V.
Durham, NC

About Us

Southeast Wildlife & Pest Control, LLC. is a client oriented company that will work to resolve human-wildlife conflict in the safest, most humane, and expedient way possible while operating in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. 

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Available services

Wildlife Removal

Rats-Mice-Squirrels-Bats-Raccoons-Opossum-Snakes-Goundhogs-Moles/Voles-Coyotes-Beaver-Muskrats-& more!


Whether reactive or proactive, preventing wildlife from entering your home is one of the most effective, humane wildlife control methods. Our professionals will recommend and perform the work necessary to keep your family, home, and property secure from damage.

Sanitation & Cleanup

Our experts will recommend the necessary remediaton measures to protect your health and air quality from airborne pathogens associated with wildlife contamination. This includes feces removal, ecto-parasite treatments, and sanitation as needed.

Snake Control

Our herpetologists will inspect your property and make all necessary suggestions in order to reduce your conflict with snakes on your property limiting risk to your family and pets.

Bird Control

Are birds making a mess or causing damage at your home or property? Call today for a free consultation!

Much More

Ask about our monthly specials! Additional services include gutter cleaning, gutter protection, tree branch trimming, pressure washing, habitat modification, etc. We will be on ladders and on your roof, so let us take care of it!

Southeast Wildlife & Pest control

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Text: (919) 213-6033
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